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Bwiset mas maganda na babygirl ko kesa sa akin. hahahaha. Love youu sissy! <3

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much money on things that don’t really matter. But look at dem rainbows. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY Gracee >:D< May the fairies be always with you as you make your dreams come true. Shall you need a rainbow unicorn, one will come your way to brighten a gloomy day :) Don’t worry, I will never get tired of cheering you up because I know you will achieve great things in life if you believe in yourself and if you believe in Him. Good luck Grace!

Thank you for the lovely dinner and for being such a good friend. Love you Steph! <3 

PS: This is for Grace’s Irida Project. I was assigned to take a picture of something yellow.

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Red Velvet Cupcakes: Check!

First of all, shout out to MackyBau! Thank you so mucho for helping me complete an item in my bucketlist >:D<

Anyhoo, how are you guys? Here is a yummy post for all of you. 

October is here that means sembreak! And load of time to post here. But before that lemme go back to studying and reading. huhuhuhu. Bye!

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I’m walking on sunshine. Oh-oh.

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Happy Tummy

I was thinking you were missing me. So here is a mouth watering post! hihi. 

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Such a lovely bride :”>

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Genuine smiles warm my heart :”>


this is the closest i can get to decent. sorry for the broken promise.

Painting, if you can call it that, really makes my stress go some place I couldn’t reach. Who is a happy girl? :) I really tried posting but I just can’t. Chem is just taking over me. Hope this compensates!

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I hear the footsteps, I think they’re near.

Everything around me seems irrelevant these days, like this picture in this post and the title. This chemistry class makes posting here on tumblr hard. I have post lab, pre-lab, or homework every single freaking day and not to mention long test every one and a half week. This summer is the best! HAHAHA. I promise to post something decent this weekend. Please have mercy on me and forgive me for leaving my blog this shitty. I shall recover soon.

Guyss please save my artistic souul. && to my new followers, why hello there! :) hihi. 

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